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Many of the Elves then became involved in the development of Khazad-dûm's mansions as a consequence, and it "became far more beautiful" during this period.This friendship also resulted in a massive westwards extension of the subterranean realm of Khazad-dûm.Whether they remained separate clans or groups within their new home, or became merged with the Longbeards, is not known.At the same time, Orcs once again became "well-armed and very numerous, cruel, savage, and reckless in assault.All of these places became revered amongst Durin's people in later days.His descendants erected a rune-carved stone monolith – Durin's Stone—on the site where he had first looked into the Mirrormere, and although it had become indecipherably weatherworn by the end of the Third Age—broken, cracked and faded—the influence of Durin I, the founding king of Khazad-dûm, was never forgotten.

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Such was its size and fame that throughout its long history Khazad-dûm was well known by many peoples of North-western Middle-Earth, who translated its name into their own languages; Hadhodrond (/haðɒdrɒnd/) by the Sindar, Casarrondo by the Noldor and Phurunargian in the Common Speech, Khazad-dûm earned its later sobriquet Moria, meaning "Black Chasm" or "Black Pit", from Sindarin mor="black" and iâ="void, abyss, pit", after it was abandoned by the Dwarves following the emergence in its depths of a demonic entity of great power, the Balrog.

During the reign of Durin the Deathless some of the wonders of Dwarvish architecture were built in Khazad-dûm: Durin's Bridge, the Second Hall, the Endless Stair and Durin's Tower.

After his death, the reputation of Durin's realm continued to grow, not merely due to his spiritual ascendancy over the other Fathers of the Dwarves as the eldest amongst them, or the Dwarrowdelf's growing size, but to its great wealth, which was founded upon the uniquely precious metal mithril, which was universally prized yet found nowhere else except faraway Númenor.

From Mount Gundabad, Durin's growing clan "spread southward down the vales of Anduin", all the while "under attack from the orcs of Morgoth".

Within this heavily wooded valley, a long series of short waterfalls led down to a long, oval lake, which appeared to have a magical quality: "There, like jewels sunk in the deep shone glinting stars, though sunlight was in the sky above".

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