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(Add Health) to examine the role of family relationships in explaining why interracially dating youth have poorer psychological wellbeing than youth with same-race partners.

Results indicate that interracial daters experience more symptoms of depression and anxiety and poorer family relationships than do same-race daters.

If you said you’d be at your little sister’s gymnastics meet, you sure as hell better be there.

If you said you would come home for Christmas, you couldn’t even think about backing out.

They are happy with anything, from a raging night of board games to drunken cook-out activities.

Families talk, and communication is one of the strongest qualities of a good and close family.

A family man doesn’t make promises he can’t keep, and he also commits to the ones that he does make.

There is nothing like forming a strong bond with another family.

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However, I have personally found that strong family ties inspire a unique kind of relationship conduct that extends past the family circle.

He knows how to compromise, and sees the bigger picture.

Being close to one’s family means attending loads of soccer games, family reunions, dance recitals, graduations and weddings you may not necessarily want to be at. A man that loves, listens to and respects his mother for the strong and caring woman that she is, will treat the women in his life differently.

The additive effects of their lower levels of family support and poorer quality parent-child relationships, however, do little to explain interracial daters' more negative wellbeing outcomes.

The negative effects of interracial dating hold similarly for boys and girls and among White and Black youth.

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