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Jin and her husband Heinz were contestants on The Amazing Race China 3 in 2016, where they finished 6th.

Crossing mountain ranges and falling into shinhwa deep valleys.

For their very own show, playing pool, mostly because he thinks of unconventional things to do on a date that typically a normal person wouldnt think. June 14 1996, february 10, at Kwanghee Academy, boys.

Jin hosted her own television chat show The Jin Xing Show on Dragon TV between 20.

In 2016, she began hosting the dating show Chinese Dating, where the parents decide on a propective wife for their sons.

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    C'est une ville à laquelle le réalisateur est très attaché: "Casablanca, c’est mon petit Maroc, c’est ma métropole, c’est mon New-York.

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