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First up we have a bunch of items along the lines of "I expect -- maybe demand -- that management will provide me with..."The research is in. 'This site is banned because it looks like a blog' -- for example, WTF? Tell the dev's that they're on their own if the stuff they install causes problems. please, for the love of god, treat warnings as errors. You want to create a workplace where you understand and learn from each other's code, constantly. If it happens rarely, it's going to seem confrontational -- but once it happens routinely it will be an understood part of the workplace.

Consider the different Yerkes-Dodson requirements for optimum performance from each team.

For those of you interested, please run through a few of these and let me know what you think.

There are certainly pros and cons to both labs and Online Interactive Guides (labs mirror the "real" experience but take longer to complete and can be prone to more errors, while OIGs almost always work as expected and take less time to complete but don't allow for exploration within the enviroment and tend to get outdated quickly).

Yes, it's tedious and gruelling and it makes your brain hurt.

Yes, you are surrounded by silly ass-hat clowns who don't understand a thing about what you are trying to achieve.

If the community finds these valuable, we will make them a priority and ramp up our current inventory with new experiences (Microsoft Teams, My Analytics, updated Office Pro Plus apps etc).

If there's no daily build, then put a daily build in place. If the only bug tracking is some crappy shared spreadsheet then use sharepoint, or install Jira. Set interim goals -- increase coverage by two percent within a week.

If there's a daily build, them make sure it starts with a clean environment (no cheating) and make sure it builds everything, not just a couple of things. If the only bug tracking system is sharepoint or jira, then install lighthouse.

but the people involved are all still alive and i can't spill the beans. Four-walls and a door might be too much to ask, but at least organise the open spaces in ways such that the shouty/squealy-teams are separated from the thinky-teams. In an open space, use baffles and greenery to isolate the noisy teams.

terrifying anecdotes that would turn your hair white... The productivity loss from one screwed-up back could buy Herman Miller chairs for the whole company. Don't put the angry shouting Glengarry Glen Ross-style sales team next to the devs. Moaning that your employer doesn't send you on courses is ridiculous.

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