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Allowing a coal cap to pass at the UNSC indicates their willingness to adhere to the ruling.In imposing a ban for 2017, China probably took into account rapidly rising coal prices and a probable rush by companies to frontload sales ahead of the cap to predict that the coal cap would be breached far earlier in the year. Between domestic producers and North Korean ones, China obviously prefers the former.North Korea fired a new intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) called the Pukguksong-2 on Sunday from an air base in the country’s northwestern province toward waters off its east coast.When the UN Security Council imposed the cap on coal trade, China was left with the question of how such a cap could be implemented. Is it able to track forward contracts or does it only know belatedly the level of coal trade after import figures come out?Imports of North Korean iron ore dipped 19.3 percent on-year to .28 million in the first quarter, with those of clams, T-shirts and functional clothing nose-diving 25 percent to 73 percent.China experts said Jilin’s imports of iron ore from North Korea fell sharply in the first quarter due to sluggish demand from China in the wake of Beijing’s move to eliminate its steel overcapacity. N.-led international sanctions on North Korea for its nuclear and missile programs seemed to play a part as well.In yet another so-called “strong signal”, China’s commerce ministry said on Saturday it won’t be importing any more coal from North Korea for the rest of the year.Remember, that coal that was already basically supposed to not be imported after last year’s sanctions (save for that generating revenue for humanitarian purposes).

Last month’s decrease is the biggest drop in China’s exports to North Korea this year.And the imports of which was already supposed to be capped at a low monetary limit. Of course, as a usual caveat this time be different but whether or not this decision will be enforced, and how strictly, remains to be seen, to put it mildly.China has other concerns in its relationship with the Korean peninsula and North Korea than signalling its commitment to the international community.According to the Chinese customs data, Jilin’s trade with North Korea sank 14.7 percent on-year to US6 million in the January-March mainly because of plunging imports.Jilin, which borders the North’s three provinces, is China’s hub of trade with its ally and boasts the largest trade volume with Pyongyang among China’s provinces.

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