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(During the war, the army was led by General Smuts, who had rejoined the army from his position as Minister of Defence on the outbreak of the war.) South Africans also saw action with the Cape Corps in Palestine.More than 146,000 whites, 83,000 blacks and 2,500 people of mixed race ("Coloureds") and Asians served in South African military units during the war, including 43,000 in German South-West Africa and 30,000 on the Western Front.UDF troops assumed internal security tasks in South Africa and quelled several revolts against South African domination in South-West Africa.South Africans suffered high casualties, especially in 1922, when an independent group of Khoikhoi – known as the Bondelswart-Herero for the black bands that they wore into battle – led one of numerous revolts; in 1925, when a mixed-race population – the Basters – demanded cultural autonomy and political independence; and in 1932, when the Ovambo (Ambo) population along the border with Angola demanded an end to South African domination.With the declaration of war in September 1939, the South African Army numbered only 5,353 regulars, with an additional 14,631 men of the Active Citizen Force (ACF) which gave peace time training to volunteers and in time of war would form the main body of the army.

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During World War II, the South African Army fought in the East African, North African and Italian campaigns.The role of the Army was fundamentally changed by the upheavals of the early 1990s and after 1994 the Army became part of the new South African National Defence Force.It is now becoming increasingly involved in peacekeeping efforts in southern Africa, often as part of wider African Union operations.In 1939, the army at home in South Africa was divided between a number of regional commands.These included Cape Command (with its headquarters at the Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town), Orange Free State Command, Natal Command, Witwatersrand Command (5th and 9th Brigades plus the Transvaal Horse Artillery), Robert's Heights and Transvaal Command (HQ Robert's Heights) and Eastern Province Command at East London.

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