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You know, that actually sounds relatively plausible now that I've re-read it.Who knows if it actually happened or not, but it's at least possible.I usually go to the movies to avoid the trick-or-treaters.Plua, it’s a great night for child free movie watching!The whole incident sounds deliciously awkward—especially the reference to the size of their…In 2010, comedian Conan O'Brien took a (hilarious) shot at disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong on Twitter. Tweeted Conan: "Yesterday was the longest day of the year, unless you count the time I interviewed Lance Armstrong."Tweeted Lance: "All you wanted to talk about was riding bikes and shaving your legs.It was, uh, slightly freaky."It didn't really develop much beyond that.Former NBA player Allen Iverson entered the picture in late 2001 when he and Jay-Z were mentioned by name in the Nas song, "Got Ur Self A…"He accused both men of sleeping with Carmen Bradley, the mother of his child, while they were still together.

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Although there is at least one person who has taken issue with Hoge's harsh words—actor Josh Duhamel. But, in October 2012, it was beloved Yankee Derek Jeter who incurred the nonsensical wrath of this orange-stained demon.Although, while O'Brien's initial tweet was funny, it really seems to have come from a place of genuine distaste. Months after Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce from Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant, rapper Drake made mention of the situation in a less-than-flattering way on the Rick Ross track "Stay Schemin."I'm going to do myself a favor and not reprint the lyrics—not even going to attempt to appropriately alter them.If I did that, you'd miss the entire tone anyway, so just check them out for yourself. Vanessa was not at all pleased by the inclusion of Kobe, and by extension her, in the song.She took to Instagram (a weird venue to address a beef, I know) to give Drake a piece of her mind.Drake has since apologized and Kobe has addressed the incident with him and he and Vanessa are officially back together. Next time Drake should think twice about starting something he's scared to back up.

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