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But they’ve been focused on keeping out broadcasted content that’s largely image-based.

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For the many Imgurians who’ve built long-distance online friendships on the site, chat will draw them deeper into the service rather than forcing them out onto some other communication tool.

Sarah, sister of Imgur founder Alan Schaaf, downplays the racier bits, saying “One of the things I’m most proud about is that despite the massive scale, Imgur has managed to stay an overwhelmingly positive place.” She sees its purpose as three-fold: to help users discover new things, geek out on what they love, and share with like-minded people.

Yet until now, staying in touch or consuming a specific user’s content was tough.

There’s long been basic private messaging, but it only worked on desktop with no notifications, and didn’t support rich media like GIFs.

It was really more like a bare-bones internal email system.

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