Sexcapades online

This film is under romance but I really fail to see the romantic elements other than the constant sex between everyone in the film.

I would not recommend this film to anyone other than a lonely single male.

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Matthew Mcconaughey would've done a much better job as the main character Micheal.See full summary » A weekend of a couple, Annie (Jayden Cole) and Michael (Jason Sarcinelli) getaway to rekindle their sexless and boring marriage in a small mountain hotel turns into swinging with the help of the other guest couple, Kristen (Misty Anderson) and Todd (Paul Zalman) and very open-minded host couple, Serena (Erika Jordan) and Max (Sean Juergens).I'm not really sure where the director was going with this one. The dialogue sounds like it was written by a five year old.See full summary » Salvatore Cannavone (Domenico Modugno) is a Sicilian cobbler-cum-shoe salesman who has worked for thirty years in New York City.He returns to his hometown where, although of modest means ...

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