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These grawlixes usually included some random combination of percentage symbols, dollar signs, exclamation points, ampersands and pound signs…Oh sorry, I mean hashtags (#lifebeforetwitter).

On the surface, these wingdings were essentially meaningless.

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, as it happens, is still in circulation, and has been without interruption since 1957.

In spite of Andy’s binge drinking, he significantly outlasted his creator, Reg Smythe, who passed away in 1998.

Wiktionary offers Walker’s definition first, calling a grawlix “A spiral-shaped graphic used to indicate swearing in comic strips.” However, its second definition says that a grawlix may be considered “typographical symbols, especially ‘@#$%&!

So what was that liberating moment when cartoonists were given the subversive power to swear without falling afoul of society’s moral hygienists?

An article in , Dirks produced two of the most consequential innovations yet seen in cartooning.

And increasingly, this became the convention, not just for Sunday cartoons, but for mainstream fantasy, monster, and superhero comic books as well.

That said, the edgy symbology lacked a particular name until 1964.

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