The vampire diaries s01e20 online dating

Anna (Malese Jow) is now a student at Mystic Falls High and she is happy to tell Jeremy (Steven R.

Mc Queen) while Pearl (Kelly Hu) meets John at the Grill.

Anna comes back home and finds Pearl packing and telling her they are leaving town because too many people in Mystic Falls know the truth and they are not safe.

Anna does not want to leave and Pearl lets her make her own decision for once and if she wants to stay she is free to do it.

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Damon gets mad with that and he fills her in on the rest of the story, after Stefan fed on their father and came back to where Damon was.She tells him that she will not give him the Gilbert gadget he wants and John tries to use her "weakness" for Gilbert men due to her past with Jonathan Gilbert to get it.He makes fun of her by telling her that Jonathan felt so guilty for betraying her because he loved her and then laughing he tells her that Jonathan hated her.He finally takes the blood and drinks while he is telling Elena the whole story of how he completed his transformation.Elena is shocked at the story but not turned off and she wants him to keep talking to her.

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