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Master pages, however, are not without their quirks. Master pages help us build consistent and maintainable user interfaces.

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At this point, the page and master page are two separate objects, each with their own children.

The master page contains some common elements, like a head tag.

The most important server-side controls are the form tag (form1) and the Content Place Holder (Content Place Holder1).

Examples of our experience with Classic ASP over the years include the following: - e Commerce | Shopping Carts | Payment Processing - CMS Updating of Dynamically Populated Websites - Lead Generation / Visitor Registrations | Forms - Authenticated Membership Portals, Restricted Access - Volunteer/Event Registration & Checkout Processes - Job Application Systems - Inventory Management - Employee/Contractor Compensation Processing - CRM | Contact Management - Project Management & Time Tracking Systems - Decentralized Application Processing & Management - Resource Libraries - Franchise Replication Systems - Database-Driven Email Communication Systems In recent years, we continue to benefit from Classic ASP and update our systems to be mobile-responsible with CSS and HTML5. However, we appreciate the speed and flexibility that comes from a operating in a well-functioning Classic ASP environment supported by j Query, CSS, HTML5, Java Script, SQL, and related supporting code.

As for our clients – they appreciate the distinctive advantage of Classic Programming and its powerful, responsive, application development process which allow them to reach their online objectives within their project’s timeframe and budget.

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