Vasilkov com uadating

Management Board follows the Charter and the Regulation on Management Board of MTS PJSC in its activities. He exercises a day-to-day management of current activities of the Company.

Activities of the President shall provide for profitability and competitiveness of the Company, its financial and economic stability, enforcement of rights of the shareholders and social guarantees of Company’s employees.

Procedure for preparation, convocation, holding and summarizing results of the General Shareholders’ meeting is defined by the Charter and Regulation on the General Meeting of MTS PJSC Shareholders.

Board of Directors exercises a general management of MTS PJSC activities.

Vasyl’kiv) is a city located on the Stuhna River in Kiev Oblast (province) in central Ukraine.

Administratively, it is incorporated as a town of oblast significance.

The General Meeting of Shareholders is the supreme management body of the Company, exercising its activities in accordance with provisions of the Company’s Charter, Regulation on the General Meeting of Shareholders of MTS PJSC, and the requirements of legislation of the Russian Federation.

Company’s shareholders take part in governance over the Company through decisions taken at the general meetings of shareholders.

MTS PJSC is successfully implementing the goals on strengthening of its leadership and maintenance of high business efficiency due to an effective management of the Group of Companies. Procedure for the General Shareholders’ Meeting is aimed at assurance of adherence to the rights of shareholders, and meets all the requirements of the Russian Federation legislation.

Andrey Anatolyevich Dubovskov has been the President of MTS PJSC from March 5, 2011.

The President governs the Company’s activities in accordance with the Charter and the Regulation on President of MTS PJSC.

Number and identities of the Management Board members shall be approved by the Board of Directors upon a proposal of the President.

Management Board Chairman is the President of MTS PJSC.

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